Complete hockey beginner

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Complete hockey beginner

Post by Lowsider » 02 Oct 2017 21:34

Hi guys,

Firstly, if this is in the wrong place or has been covered a million times before, please feel free to delete this thread. I searched but with limited success.

Recently decided to go to a Bracknell Bees game (have been living here 25 years, its about time!) and have found myself really interested in ice hockey. I have been to 3 games now, and every time I think 'hmmm, I should buy a cheap pair of skates and do a public skate session'. The problem is, I dont want to skate in circles for 2 hours, I want to learn to play hockey. Unlike football etc where there are numerous pub leagues, 5 a sides and others, that cater for all abilities I dont know how I would even start with hockey. I haven't ever even held a hockey stick, so I cant imagine any recreational teams would waste their time with me.

So I guess my question is - Is there a way to learn as an adult (27), or are the 'learner teams' all for kids and I have missed the boat?
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